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Indian Accent

It was time to relish Chef Manish Mehrotra's gorgeously innovative and perhaps the most widely imitated food at its new location at the Lodhi....

Spellbound, Noida

For me the very mention of Awadh's royal cuisine conjures up images of me toiling for two weeks to lose the pounds gained by indulging...

Masala House Sunder Nagar, New Delhi

I vaguely remembered a friend mentioning a fabulous meal he had at Masala House sometime ago. So when I was invited to an Exclusive...

Pluck – Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi

I went to Pluck for a Sunday Brunch on Christmas Day last year. The review was written and published soon after but never uploaded...


Strawberry and Dates Chutney

I felt at a loss thinking about what to serve with my potato sago Vadas as we were fasting. There was no mint and...

Rainbow 🌈 Stir fry


Quinoa Risotto

Besan Bread Toast on Tawa

Carrot Kanji

Food Stories

Cous Cous

So what do you do when you're challenged by your own? Well, you rise upto it. Is there really any another option? No, for...

Pad Thai

Flat rice noodles with veggies in a ginger lemon sauce ! This was a one pot meal I made last week. This slightly sweet,...

Time to reinvent the Samosa

I'm craving samosas with chai this evening... I love the samosa with all kinds of fillings - potatoes n peas, cheese n chillies, macaroni...
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Hi I'm Manu Chadha – Movish,a Delhiite from a mixed lineage – Punjabi and Brahmin.The only cohesive force uniting my two families was their passion for food, especially the cuisine cooked in the other family's kitchen.
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